On 12/23/19, Prospectus SAYS WAITING ON 298!!!!


Updated in "REAL-TIME" with material 13F Filings* 

**All 13Fs are due by 2/14/2020**

  • SG Americas                  New & added 165K
  • Calif Public Empl           New & added 48K
  • Enduarance Wealth     Adds 7K and now has 20K 

(*Source: WhaleWisdom.com): 


WOW!  What a quarter!  Over 1.7M shares added last Q for a Net Positive Increase of 1.4M!!!   

  • Morgan Stanley  Adds 226K and now has 254K!
  • Invesco Ltd         They are new and added 293K!!!
  • Vanguard          Adds 157K and now has nearly 1.5M!
  • State Street       Adds over 91K and now has 525K
  • D.E. Shaw      Is new and adds 91K
  • Park West      Is new and adds 60K!
  • Nuveen            Adds 75K and now has 157K!
  • AQR                     Is new and adds 39K!
  • Virtu                    Is new and adds 34K!
  • Metlife (2 accts)           Is new and adds 25K
  • Goldman Sachs   Is new and adds 13K
  • Weiss Asset        Is new and adds 11K
  • Federated Inc     Adds over 10K and now has 11K
  • UBS Group          Adds 7K and now has 11K
  • Susquehana       It's complicated: Added 7,980 Call contracts  and 1,247 Put contracts.  Big Bet! Got out of common.
  • Brideway           Reduced by 25K but still has 137K
  • Northern Trust    Adds 248K and now has 329K!
  • Geode Capital     Adds over 24K and now has 348K
  • Suntrust Bank     Adds over 75K and now has 119K
  • Blackrock           Adds 69K and now has 1.9M
  • DA Davidson      Added over 10K and now has 529K
  • Hightower        New and added 40K
  • Wells Fargo      Adds 16K and now has 45K
  • Bank of NY      Added over 19K and now has 94K
  • Commonwealth LLC     Added over 26K and now has 166K 
  • State of Wis.      New and added 40K
  • Charles Schwab   Adds 3K and now has 74K
  • IFP Advisors      New and bought 10K
  • Lincoln National     New and bought 13K
  • Group 1 Trading    It's complicated: Added 3,483 Call contracts (now 4,288 calls) and 1,262 Put contracts.  Sold all 23K common 

(*Source: WhaleWisdom.com only "material" transactions listed)