On 9/10/19, CEO, Geert Kersten, stated they are still waiting on the 298th event to


Updated in "REAL-TIME" with material 13F Filings* 

  • 8/14   State Street added 398K and now has 434K!
  • 8/14   Vanguard adds 347K and now has 1.3M shares!
  • 8/14   Geode Capital TRIPLED their position by adding 203K and now has 324K!
  • 8/14   Susquehanna is new and added 132K!
  • 8/14   Nuveen is new and added 81K!
  • 8/14   Citadel added 58K and now has 77K!
  • 8/14   Calif. Teacher is new and added 41K!
  • 8/14   Alliance Bernstein is new and they added 30K!
  • 8/14   Jane Street Group is new and added 28K!
  • 8/14  Rhumbline is new and the added 22K
  • 8/14  Manufactures Life Trust is new and added 17K
  • 8/14  Barclays is new and adds 17K
  • 8/14  BOA added 12K!
  • 8/14  Voya is new and they added 11K!
  • 8/14  Jump Trading sold all 31K.
  • 8/14  Credit Suisse and Deutshe both bailed.
  • 8/13   Blackrock added 1.3M!!! They now have over 1.8M!!!
  • 8/13   American Int'l is new and added 17K
  • 8/12   D.A. Davidson adds 118K and now has 518K.      
  • 8/12   Northern Trust more than doubles by adding 40K and now has 78K.
  • 8/12   Empirical more than doubles their holding by adding 13K and now have 29K.
  • 8/12   Bank of NY more than DOUBLED by adding 39K and now has 75K!
  • 8/12   Welcome Citigroup!  They are new and added 27K!
  • 8/12  Renaissance sold out.  Beat  it
  • 8/9    Chuck Schwab increased their position by over 300% by adding 55K!
  • 8/9   NY State Retirement Fund is new and added 27K
  • 8/9   Group One increased their common by 19K and added 810 Call Contracts
  • 8/9   Bank of Montreal is new and added 150 Calls Contracts and 2K common!
  • 8/6   Wells Fargo increased from 1.4K to 29K!
  • 8/6   Raymond James significantly decreases their position by 43K.  
  • 7/19   Commonwealth Equity increases position by over 30%, adding 37K!
  • 7/31   Advisor Group increased their position by over 16% and now has nearly 40K

***UPDATED 8/14/19 at 7:00 PM EST***

There is a 1 day lag on NASDAQ and FINTEL sites reporting vs mine. I'm quick! (so says my wife)

(*Source: WhaleWisdom.com): 

Q1 2019 Institutional 13F Filing Updates


This was updated in "REAL-TIME" with material 13F filings (Source: WhaleWisdom.com):  

  • 5/15> Deutsche Bank is new and they added 155K
  • 5/15>  BayernInvest Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft added 30K and now has 100K
  • 5/15> Vangaurd ADDED 58K and now has 985K
  • 5/15> Citadel adds a combined 83K!
  • 5/15> Susquehanna quadrupled by adding 96K and now has 129K
  • 5/15> Bridgeway tripled their position by 122K and now has 142K
  • 5/15> Oxford took their gains and sold all 40K. Beat it!
  • 5/14> Renaissance Tech is a new holder and they added 178K
  • 5/14> Credit Suisse is new too and they added over 54K
  • 5/14> Jump Trading is also new and added over 31K
  • 5/14> Bank of NY tripled their position and now has over 35K
  • 5/14> Charles Schwab is new and they dipped their toes in the water with 16K
  • 5/13> Commonwealth Equity added 83K.  They now have 103K
  • 5/13> D.A. Davidson added 99K.  They now have 400K
  • 5/13> Winton Group is a new investor and added 10.5K shares
  • 5/9> Blackrock still has over 540K shares, but decreased their position by 93K


There is a 1 day lag on NASDAQs site reporting vs mine. I'm quick! (so says my wife)