On 7/2/19, CEL-SCI Stated they are still waiting on the 298th event to occur!!!!


This will be updated in "REAL-TIME" with material 13F Filings (Source: WhaleWisdom.com): 

We expect as much as 3M+ additional shares added this quarter due to 1) Russell 2000 Inclusion and 2) Other Tutes loading up 

  • Nothing as of 7/12/19 at 10:00 AM EST

There is a 1 day lag on NASDAQ and FINTEL sites reporting vs mine. I'm quick! (so says my wife)

Q1 2019 Institutional 13F Filing Updates


This was updated in "REAL-TIME" with material 13F filings (Source: WhaleWisdom.com):  

  • 5/15> Deutsche Bank is new and they added 155K
  • 5/15>  BayernInvest Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft added 30K and now has 100K
  • 5/15> Vangaurd ADDED 58K and now has 985K
  • 5/15> Citadel adds a combined 83K!
  • 5/15> Susquehanna quadrupled by adding 96K and now has 129K
  • 5/15> Bridgeway tripled their position by 122K and now has 142K
  • 5/15> Oxford took their gains and sold all 40K. Beat it!
  • 5/14> Renaissance Tech is a new holder and they added 178K
  • 5/14> Credit Suisse is new too and they added over 54K
  • 5/14> Jump Trading is also new and added over 31K
  • 5/14> Bank of NY tripled their position and now has over 35K
  • 5/14> Charles Schwab is new and they dipped their toes in the water with 16K
  • 5/13> Commonwealth Equity added 83K.  They now have 103K
  • 5/13> D.A. Davidson added 99K.  They now have 400K
  • 5/13> Winton Group is a new investor and added 10.5K shares
  • 5/9> Blackrock still has over 540K shares, but decreased their position by 93K


There is a 1 day lag on NASDAQs site reporting vs mine. I'm quick! (so says my wife)


As a savvy investor, please note the following:

  • The IDMC announcement was at the end of Q1. Thus, many Tutes started buying after 3/31/2019.  I strongly suspect that Q2 will be much bigger.
  • From poster HR from Yahoo!:  "Steady accumulation by institutions. That is powerful proof investors are on more solid footing. Remember, EVERY institutional investor does their due diligence. They don't "just" have to report to themselves or their spouses. They have others they report to. "   Their JOBS and livelihoods are on the line!
  • The recent Tutes and private investors are waiting for Data/298 and will not sell until then. Thus, this will effectively reduce our Float and Volume. Epic Short Squeeze is coming!