The recent cash raise of $8M and the announcement of $3M in warrant conversions since 1/1/20 gives CVM another $11M.

The 1st 10-Q was recently released. As of 12/31/19, CVM had $9.4M cash on hand.  This means they have about $20M in cash.

Given that they have a cash burn rate of $1.2M per month, they have enough money to get to at March of 2021!  A whole years worth of cash!

They could of raised much much more with warrants....but didn't.  Geert believes the trail will be successful.  When the data comes out, he will raise all the money he ever wants  

Now, potential investors have no excuse.  Geert has removed the biggest question mark: is toxic financing coming? The answer is no!  

The vulture shorts are pissed. Pissed.  They have been waiting for a toxic deal to save them...

Warrants Are A Tell

 There is no secret that CEL-SCI has had a dubious past when it comes to it's past fund raising efforts. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

As a result of these cash raises, CEL-SCI provided potentially lucrative warrants. With a company of CEL-SCI's past, many warrant holders wondered if the stock price would ever meet the high warrant strike prices. Over the years, there have been countless lost opportunities because warrants expired worthless.

As many Bears state, the CEO's main goal is to "pump" the share price so the warrant holders can FINALLY convert their warrants and "make bank".

Interesting...until you review the 10-Q as of 12/31/19. What stuck out to us was the large "In-The-Money" warrants that STILL HAVEN'T BEEN CONVERTED. As of 12/31/19, nearly $16.6M of "In-The-Money" warrants STILL HAVEN'T BEEN CONVERTED.

This makes no sense. With all the "red flags", with all the ups and downs, with all the "pump and dumps", this was FINALLY the warrant holders opportunity to cash out and "make bank".

The share price has hit multiple new 52-Week highs this year. Finally, after all these years these warrants are worth a lot of money. How much? At a $14.55 share price, these warrant holders would stand to GAIN over $44M. Yes, gain over $44M!

The stock could tank at a moments notice on bad IDMC news or bad data. Why haven't they converted? Why are they leaving over $44M at risk and on the table? Surely, they haven't forgotten about the "red flags" and all the "pump and dumps". Again, why are they leaving $44M on the table?